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You can’t say “mundane” without “Monday”, and there’s a reason for that! It’s a well-known fact that Monday is the least cool day of the week. It’s time we changed that with BOARD GAMES!

Boring Mondays are gone. Here is what your Monday night looks like now:

Firefighters Pub has a great location attached to the east side of Metrotown, across from Bonsor Community Complex. They’ve got great food and service, the interior is spacious, and the big wooden tables are perfect for board games.

The host will greet you, and ask a few questions about your gaming experience and preferences, then get you settled into a table. Singles are welcome!

There will be a selection of 30+ games, the focus being ones that are easy to learn and fun to play! The host will teach you how to play and answer any questions you might have. Absolutely no reading rulebooks allowed! 😉

If you’re a seasoned gamer and want to bring your own more complex games, of course that’s cool too! The host will help find others who are interested in that kind of game.

People usually order food first when they arrive, and just hang out for a bit, or maybe play a quick card game. I do ask that you buy your meal for the evening at Firefighters Pub, so that we can continue to enjoy this awesome space! There is no cover charge, and no minimum spend.

Monday specials:
Beef Dip $10.99 (regular $13.99)
Goose Island IPA (20 oz) $6.08
Gin Fizz $4.56
Pitcher of Budweiser (60 oz) $12.99

By 7 everyone is pretty much settled in, and the real gaming begins!

Then at 8:00 the host will draw the door prizes! That’s right, not only is there no fee to play the games, just by joining the Board Game Night you’ll even be entered to win one of two prizes every night!
$20 gift card for Firefighters Pub
$15 gift card for a local board game store

Pretty cool eh! Mondays will never be the same again.

Other stuff:

This is a family-friendly establishment. About half the people will get a drink or two, but you are not expected to and it won’t be weird if you don’t. No minors after 10.

The event officially ends at 9, but you’re welcome to stay later on your own. The kitchen closes at 10, bar at 11.

If you’re going, please RSVP; if you RSVP, please go. A well-attended event helps draw in more people and keep the community growing.

Note: When falling on a holiday Monday, this event will be cancelled for that week. Check the Meetup posting for the latest updates.

Hope to see you there, and happy gaming!

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This series of three day-long events, supported by a Small Neighbourhood Grant from the Vancouver Foundation, celebrates human beings interacting in a fun way, in real life, instead of in front of a screen. Have you had enough of screens? I have.

Most of the grant will go toward a small collection of games, that will be donated to our host venue, Thirdspace, after the events. These include games like The Mind, Just One, Space Base, The Quest for El Dorado, and other great new games that are up for awards this year. If you have never heard of any of these games then you are in for a real treat! There has been a renaissance in the board game industry over the past decade or two, and they are pretty awesome now.

In addition to an open library of over 100 games, I’m also pleased to present some special events from our sponsors:

Magic 101 (by Grey Haven Hobbies & Games): learn how to play Magic: the Gathering collectible card game

RPG One-Offs (by Tabletop Crepes & Games): experience the fun and imagination of a role-playing game in a single session

Admission to the event is absolutely free, and I will not ask for any donations. (In fact, one of the rules of the grant is that we actually cannot accept donations, as that’s what the funding is for; instead I suggest you spend your hard-earned dollars at one of our sponsors’ locations, each of which is a block away).
Participants of all ages and gaming levels are welcome, and you can bring your own games if you want. I will be able to teach about 3/4 of the games in the game library. Food and drink are allowed, and will not be served, but there are lots of great restaurants nearby. No alcohol on the premises though.
The venue can sit up to 40 people, so that’s what I’ve limited the number of tickets to. Of course not everyone will be there for the whole 10 hours, so if it’s full you’re welcome to still join and I’ll do my best to find you a table.

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Do you like board games and making stuff? This is the event for you!

Participants will form into groups of three. Bring your own friends, or make new ones!

Each group will get a copy of Rock Paper Wizard, by Canadian designers Josh Cappel, Jay Cormier and Sen-Foong Lim. Next you’ll get a game drawn from a pool (draw 2 pick 1). Then you’ll proceed to make a mashup of the two games!

You’ll have about 3 hours to explore your two games, define their themes, mechanisms and components on our handy handout sheets…then throw all that out the window as you make the game into whatever you want! Well, you do need to use elements from both games, but you’re allowed, and encouraged, to change or drop these elements, and add new ones as you see fit. We’ll also provide a large selection of prototyping components for you to borrow from. All you need to bring is your creativity!

And finally…are you ready for this? JAY CORMIER, yes, one of the designers of Rock Paper Wizard, will show up, listen to everyone’s pitch of their mashup, provide feedback, then pick a winning team! And this time will get prizes! (Details to follow.) There will also be door prizes that you’ll qualify for just for taking part!

After the event you’re free to stick around and play each other’s games, or just mingle with the other game mashers! Storm Crow Alehouse is open until 1 am.

The fee for entering the Mix n Mash! Tabletop Design Challenge is $15 per person (tax and Eventbrite fee included). Fees are non-refundable, but can be transferred if something comes up. All participants must be 19+.

Storm Crow has very generously let us use a significant portion of their establishment for an extended period of time. We ask that you buy your meal there, so that hopefully we can hold more events at this super-cool venue in the future. Their food is AWESOME by the way, and they have a great selection of drinks too.

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Storm Crow Alehouse

Dungeons & Dragons: Rock Paper Wizard

Jay Cormier

Meeple Leaf

Game Allies

Rain City Games


Off the Page Games

Board games and bubble tea were made for each other! And you can be a part of this amazing feat of nature by going to this meetup, held every Tuesday 6-9pm at Kingsize Bubble Tea & Games on Main St.

The host and venue will supply a selection of games to choose from, or if you have your own you’d like to play, feel free to bring those too.

There is no fee or minimum spend for this event, but we do ask that everyone makes a purchase, as the owner has been kind enough to let us use the space for an extended period of time. They use a lot of fresh ingredients, and their lemon tea is especially popular.

You don’t have to be there at exactly 6:00, but the closer to 6 you arrive the less likely you’ll have to wait for a game to finish so you can jump in. The event ends at 9 but the shop is open till 10, so you’re welcome to stay past 9 to finish up your game.

We play all kinds of games, just let us know what you’ve played and what you like, and we’ll get you set up!

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