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Upcoming Events

Bring your own group of 3-4, or singles and pairs will be grouped to make teams.

Family-friendly, no cover charge or minimum spend.

This event features the Wits & Wagers trivia bidding system, essentially it’s trivia for people who don’t know everything. The topics include a range of nerdy knowledge, including Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Trek, 90s video games, and goats. The answer to the question is always a number, each team makes their best guess, then bids on on which answer they think was closest without going over.

The trivia game starts at 8 pm, and will take about 1 hour. You’re welcome to arrive earlier and/or stay later to play a board game or two, or enjoy some of the Raving Gamer’s excellent food and drink options. They are fully licensed.

They also have a large board game retail section, with amazing prices!

Eventbrite ticket not required, but recommended to secure your spot, get yours  here.

Make Monday less “Monday-n”! Simply add board games, and along with some great pub food and fun people, you’ll have what is about as great as a Monday evening can get!

I’ll have a wide selection of games you’re welcome to borrow from, or you can bring your own. The tables are nice and big, the venue is well lit, and we have a whole section to ourselves.

Monday Specials:
Dry ribs $5.99
Michelob Ultra draft (530 mL) $7.99

Other details:

There is no cover charge or minimum spend. However, I do ask that everyone kindly makes a purchase so that we can continue to use this awesome venue.

The Canadian Brewhouse is family-friendly, attendees are not expected to order alcoholic beverages.

The focus is casual, easy-to-learn games, but if you’re more interested in heavier games I can easily get you your own table and ask to see who would like to join.

Canadian Brewhouse is located “near Walmart”. If you’re taking transit it’s about a 15 min walk from Lansdowne Station, or there’s a bus from Bridgeport with less walking. If you’re driving there’s lots of free parking available.

Most people arrive between 6 and 7, then order food first, so don’t worry if you’re a bit late. Of course arriving early will decrease your chances of having to wait to get in on a game.

The event ends at 10 but you’re welcome to stay later to finish up your game. But they do close at 2am, so you gotta be out by then 😉

Register here.

Board games and bubble tea were made for each other! And you can be a part of this amazing feat of nature by going to this meetup, held every Tuesday 6-9pm at Kingsize Bubble Tea & Games on Main St.

The host and venue will supply a selection of games to choose from, or if you have your own you’d like to play, feel free to bring those too.

There is no fee or minimum spend for this event, but we do ask that everyone makes a purchase, as the owner has been kind enough to let us use the space for an extended period of time. They use a lot of fresh ingredients, and their lemon tea is especially popular.

You don’t have to be there at exactly 6:00, but the closer to 6 you arrive the less likely you’ll have to wait for a game to finish so you can jump in. The event ends at 9 but the shop is open till 10, so you’re welcome to stay past 9 to finish up your game.

We play all kinds of games, just let us know what you’ve played and what you like, and we’ll get you set up!

Register here.

This series of three day-long events, supported by a Small Neighbourhood Grant from the Vancouver Foundation, celebrates human beings interacting in a fun way, in real life, instead of in front of a screen. Have you had enough of screens? I have.

Most of the grant will go toward a small collection of games, that will be donated to our host venue, Thirdspace, after the events. These include games like The Mind, Just One, Space Base, The Quest for El Dorado, and other great new games that are up for awards this year. If you have never heard of any of these games then you are in for a real treat! There has been a renaissance in the board game industry over the past decade or two, and they are pretty awesome now.

In addition to an open library of over 100 games, I’m also pleased to present some special events from our sponsors:

Magic 101 (by Grey Haven Hobbies & Games): learn how to play Magic: the Gathering collectible card game

RPG One-Offs (by Tabletop Crepes & Games): experience the fun and imagination of a role-playing game in a single session

Admission to the event is absolutely free, and I will not ask for any donations. (In fact, one of the rules of the grant is that we actually cannot accept donations, as that’s what the funding is for; instead I suggest you spend your hard-earned dollars at one of our sponsors’ locations, each of which is a block away).
Participants of all ages and gaming levels are welcome, and you can bring your own games if you want. I will be able to teach about 3/4 of the games in the game library. Food and drink are allowed, and will not be served, but there are lots of great restaurants nearby. No alcohol on the premises though.
The venue can sit up to 40 people, so that’s what I’ve limited the number of tickets to. Of course not everyone will be there for the whole 10 hours, so if it’s full you’re welcome to still join and I’ll do my best to find you a table.

Get your free ticket here.